A Message from Dr. Schulhof on AAO Ortho Innovator Award

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On behalf of the entire Grin team, it’s with great pleasure that we accept the 2021 AAO Ortho Innovator award. It’s an honor for our company to be recognized by the arbiter of orthodontia. I want to thank our talented team for the tireless hours, our network of dedicated investors, and the wonderful doctors that have come together to make Grin what it is today. There would be no Grin without my dedicated co-founders, Pamela Oren-Artzi and Alon Lipnik, who anchor our team, across time zones and countries. This award recognizes your dedication and efforts.

What is the AAO?

The AAO is the world’s oldest and largest dental specialty organization and represents nearly 19,000 orthodontist members. The third annual AAO Ortho Innovator program is part of an ongoing effort to strategically support innovation among orthodontists and AAO partners in the industry.

Our Approach

Since the beginning, Grin understood that patients want convenience as well as trusted professionals, and it was up to us doctors to offer something truly fantastic. That’s why we created the Grin Platform and packed it with cutting-edge technology. We designed an elegant, easy-to-use Grin Scope for complete visibility into patient mouths, remotely. We paired the two and created a suite of functions that allows patients to access quality professional care from the convenience of their smart device, and gives doctors the ability to remotely monitor patients via virtual check-ins. Keeping doctors in the care loop by connecting patients to real orthodontists is what truly drives our ability to effect change.

Coming on the heels of our latest funding round—which included oral-care industry titan P&G, healthcare VCs Triventures & Springrock, and leading independent orthodontists—this AAO recognition is another important vote of confidence in our mission to create something impactful for orthodontists, by orthodontists.

A Message From My Co-Founders

COO & Co-founder Pam Oren-Artzi

“This prestigious AAO recognition reinforces our commitment to technological innovation. Creating the infrastructure to serve more patients in more areas while simultaneously helping the orthodontic community to scale their practice was unimaginable just a few years ago; now it’s a reality.”

VP of Engineering & Co-Founder Alon Lipnik:

“We are thrilled to receive the AAO Innovator award and be recognized for changing orthodontics through advanced technology. We know that these tools are vital to keeping smiles healthy and feel an immense sense of pride when orthodontists trust us to help them monitor and care for their patients.”

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The AAO does not endorse, certify, guarantee, or warrant the products, services, or offerings provided by Grin, its platform or its employees, agents, subcontractors, or vendor, including but not limited to Grin’s receipt of the 2021 AAO Ortho Innovator Award and/or the display of the Ortho Innovator Award winner logo.